What is meetflash?

  • meetflash is the first app that represents a total revolution for photographers and models, both can meet anywhere at anytime.
  • Initially, you are a model. Register as a photographer in order to be able to interchange among both profiles.
  • The photographer always takes photos and videos from his own mobile, guaranteeing privacy since they are stored in the App, not on his mobile

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a secure platform for payment and collection methods through the internet.

You will receive your income as a photographer in your bank account through Stripe.

  1. Sign in Stripe. Stripe will validate your data.
  2. The first transaction you make as a photographer will take a few days to be validated and payment will be received approximately after fifteen days.
  3. If you want to change the frequency of payments, you can access the Stripe dashboard, with your mail and password (option «Balance»> «estimated future payouts»)

You will receive the payments with the desired frequency one week after you have made the transaction, which is when Stripe releases the payments.

If you want more information about stripe, click here