Chat, have fun taking pictures and meeting amazing people.

Find people with your same interests in a 100% safe way!

With meetflash meet new people, chat and create a great plan. And if you like photography… this is your app!
In times of Covid, take photos or ask to have photos taken safely. How? The person who fulfills the role of photographer takes the photos and videos using their own mobile device, thus avoiding scares, thefts or breakages due to unexpected falls.

A new way of taking photos in times of Covid

You are on the street and you want someone to take a photo of you after your thousands of selfie attempts. But is it a good idea to give my cell phone to a stranger? Relax, with meetflash that will no longer be a problem!
😉 That person can take all the photos you want with their ow smartphone directly from the meetflash mobile application preseving your privacy since sets will not not be tored on their mobile. He or she can create Photo Set for you and portray that great moment. Avoid scares and do not hand over your mobile, so, in times of Covid, you take care of yourself and others. >> Flash Now!

Have you just moved or do you want to expand your circle of friends? Meet new people who are close to you

Thanks to the meetflash app, you will be able to contact people who are near your location. But that is not all! You will connect through our chat only with people who share the same interests: your love for sports, movies or food. Also, we promise that no one will disturb you. You will only be able to talk with people that you accept. Because that way everything flows better, dont you think? 😉>> Plan now!

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They made plans with meetflash

There are thousands of excuses to put together a good plan today.

Do we make plans together? #theexcusesherearevalid